Why We Do It

For the landfill owner, something that for decades had to be managed and minimized can now be maximized as a valuable asset. In fact, converting landfill gas into energy yields so many benefits, the term "waste" seems out of place in this scenario.

There are many benefits to developing a landfill, principal among them:


  • Generates profits to the landfill owner with no capital investment required

  • Transforms decomposition pollutants into a viable renewable energy source

  • Creates jobs for the design, construction and daily operation of the landfill gas plant

  • Reduces landfill site air emissions, and offsets fossil fuel use and Greenhouse Gas emissions - improving the air quality of the community served by the landfill

  • Delivers a cost effective supply of methane to the natural gas system while reducing demand on our domestic natural gas reserves

  • Provides for diversity of supply to local distribution systems, lessening exposure to the risks of curtailment