What We Do

We offer a turnkey solution from a partner that knows how to navigate and manage the complex process of converting waste to energy. The landfill owner can concentrate on their business while relying on Renewco's unmatched capabilities, financial strength, and history of implementing successful landfill, construction and natural gas distribution projects. At an optimal landfill facility, we can typically have the project completed and generating revenue within 16-20 months.

Here's how landfill gas is converted to pipeline quality natural gas.

  1. Engineers assess and optimize the landfill gas.
    The first step is to ensure the viability of the project before any long-term capital commitments are made. This involves comprehensive analysis of landfill characteristics such as the type, quantity, and waste deposition rate; landfill geography and climate; the ability of the landfill to produce gas; and a multitude of other factors. We also assess the gas collection and containment system (GCCS) to determine suitability for high-BTU projects, and note potential modifications that will improve gas collection efficiency while assuring environmental compliance. Because the ultimate goal is to get the gas into the highest value market, careful study of local mid-BTU customers, renewable electricity power pricing, and the proximity and requirements of nearby pipelines and transportation paths is essential early on.

  2. Processing turns the landfill gas into renewable energy.
    Keep in mind that the success of this type of project hinges on producing pipeline quality renewable gas. There is a world of difference between a GCCS built for compliance, and one that can successfully convert the gas to pipeline quality. We balance the demands of compliance and processable gas, and have the knowledge and resources to make the investments necessary to achieve both goals at maximum value. This is part art, part science.

    Because municipal solid waste landfills are constantly changing in composition, moisture content and temperature, the landfill gas must be processed to remove toxins, moisture and unwanted trace compounds to meet quality standards and environmental regulations. Finding this right balance requires exceptional instincts and a level of know-how that takes years of hands-on experience to cultivate. Our expertise includes the design, construction and operation of sophisticated processing plants using pressure swing absorption and membrane separation, among other technologies.

  3. The landfill-generated renewable energy goes to market.
    To generate revenue, the renewable gas produced by the on-site processing plant must be connected to the commercial gas pipeline or transported to a dedicated buyer. Establishing this pipeline infrastructure could require building miles of pipeline, securing permits, managing regulatory compliance, and working with outside stakeholders. With Southern Company Gas' 160-year history in the pipeline business, this is second nature to us. But building infrastructure is only part of it.

    Marketing the renewable gas end product means finding buyers. The opportunity is there because many utilities are being mandated to include renewable energy in the mix — and landfill-generated gas fills this requirement. But landfill owners typically don't always have the knowledge and resources to make these connections on their own. Sequent Energy Management, a Renewco affiliate, assists in identifying buyers and marketing the gas to ensure the highest value is received, while optimizing the gas delivery path to reduce transportation costs.
Risk and reward? Let's keep risk out of it.
By partnering with Renewco, landfill owners get the benefit of experts who bring decades of experience to the project.

Our background in solid waste management gives us a deep understanding of the science around landfill gas. We also know how to seamlessly work with the rhythm of landfill operations, without disruption.

Working for one of the nation's largest local distributors of natural gas, our people have built and maintained thousands of miles of pipeline infrastructure. This involves more than skillful construction management; it also requires successfully working with regulators, government agencies and communities. Beyond just laying pipe, we know how to connect the landfill gas processing plant to existing pipeline in the most efficient and effective way possible. We have the skills, experience and resources to solve any implementation challenge.

Finally, we have the comprehensive services that landfill owners need to get the right price for their product. They don't have to negotiate pricing, understand interstate tariffs or take a crash course in gas marketing. Renewco expertly navigates all of the intricacies of the deal, and the landfill owner is entitled to royalty payments for the life of the contract.